Information about BusyBees

The Busybees marketplace is live!

Busybees is a start-up founded in 2018. The objective is to allow all e-traders (THE BUSY) to have access to a logistics solution, while allowing self-employed individuals (THE BEES) to build up regular income by defining their workload. Some Bees prefer to work in the morning, others in the evening, anything is possible.

On the Busy side, we were asked if it was possible to pack the products in tissue paper and add a spray of perfume, to manage specific punctual operations, and the answer is : yes it is possible !

Simplicity is at the heart of Busybees, with us, no complex pricing structure, no incomprehensible logistics tool, everything has been designed to make logistics a breeze while ensuring a very high level of quality.

We just have to answer few questions and we'll be able to communicate your rates in 15 minutes !
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We can work with your orders files too ;-)

The Busybees team is always available for Busy and Bees